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School Costs Up 1000 Euros in Italy

As September nears, a good four percent hike for school costs is 

expected to hit the pocket books of every single student, according to Italian consumer groups.

According to recent news reports from Italian consumer group agencies, school kits, text books and other academic costs will increase in price.

  • Increases Per student
  • Books – €526
  • Diaries, notebooks, dictionaries – €456
  • Other expenses to look out for:
  • Backpacks – low cost to designer bags. A brand for a designer backpack can reach €120

Why the increase?

Designer logos, sports teams, cartoons, characters in famous TV series.

Today’s pop idols follow the same platform set up by the once masked musicians. Double the price.

How to cut school costs?

Tip one

Say bye bye to fashion brands. Do not buy items related to famous cartoon characters or dolls.

Tip two

Shop at the supermarket chain stores. You can save up to 40% by staying away from specialty paper shops.

Tip three

Do not buy early. Postpone purchases. The stocks of notebooks, pens and other school items can be bought at a later date. Often waiting, you save.

Tip four

Wait for the Professors. For the more technical materials (from the compass to the dictionaries) it is often better to wait for your teachers to specify exactly the materials needed in order to avoid superfluous purchases.

Tip five

English Training On Line – Save Time and Save Money.


Your personal Cyber Language Coach offers maximum flexibility in an e-learning platform with lessons that allows the student(s) to practice and learn English when they want and where they want.

No more foolish school costs.

Electronic Didactic material available for free.


Students have the possibility to converse regularly in the new language and develop the four main language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Tip six – Listen

What does it mean to listen?

Look – maintain eye contact in communications.

Inquire – ask questions.

Summarize – verify and check you understand the message.

Take notes – written or mental, keep a record of main points.

Encourage – be open to hearing more.

Neutral – avoid having a personal dog in the fight.


Written by

Vincent Towerpast

English Language Consultant for Business English courses and Journalist - Foreign Correspòndent