Sushi with microchips: Oriental restaurant in Sardinia introduces robot waitress: AMY

By Vincent C. Torrieri

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CAGLIARI- Ma Jian, 43, the Chinese owner of the Sushi-bar restaurant JinQui in Sardinia, has launched AMY – the friendly robot waitress to serve your food.

Jian has been living in Sardinia for over two decades and is married to a Sardinian woman. “The first marriage between a Chinese man and a Sardinian,” he says proudly. Amy is also a first for the Italian island. “There has never been a robotic waitress in Sardinia.”

Amy, who can cost up to €10,000, can take your orders in English, Chinese and Japanese. She is currently being programmed to understand Italian.

Customers are able to select their food by using the electronic touchscreen placed on the robot’s torso and/or use their Smartphones to place an order.

“I am not replacing my staff with robots,” said Jian. “I took Amy as an attraction for customers. Everyone wants to take a selfie with Amy.”

Can humans compete with robots? Amy never stops. Amy does not need to be motivated to work, but only recharged. And Amy never asks for a holiday, sick days or days off.

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Vincent Towerpast

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