Are Dash Cams Legal in Europe vis-à-vis Italy?

By Vincent C. Torrieri

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“Jerk! A-hole! You son of a b@*%! Holy F@@@! WTF?!” These are just some examples of the English vulgarities that go flying out of some drivers’ mouths when driving. There are many crazy people on the roads. “How do some people get their driving license?” And if you have the unfortunate situation of getting in an accident, you then have to explain and recall to the best of your knowledge the circumstances if you ever want to recoup your money for damages.

In the UK, US and Canada, dash cams have become extremely popular, used by many motorists for their own protection in the case of an accident or for the amusement to show and post them on YouTube.

In the Anglo Saxon world, a number of insurers offer motorists a discount if they use dash cams and see them as beneficial in the event of a crash and having to make a claim.

Europe Not United

In some European countries using a dash cam is illegal and could see you facing a huge fine or even a prison sentence if caught using one.

  • In Austria, drivers using a dash cam can be fined €10,000 and the penalty can be doubled for repeat offenders.
  • In Luxembourg, dash cams are banned and if caught with one, you can be jailed.
  • In Portugal, banned.
  • In Germany, they are ok but the videos cannot be posted on social websites.
  • In France and Belgium, the footage can only be used for “private use” only.
  • In Switzerland, they are not banned but there are several restrictions that in the end, makes them useless.
  • They are ok in: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Malta, the Netherlands, Serbia, Spain and Sweden.

And then there is Italy. Good luck if you find any consistency. You are more likely to face a fine for violating Italy’s bizarre privacy laws.

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Vincent Towerpast

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