English Training: Riddles

Riddle One – The Three Boxes

There are three boxes.

One is labeled Apples.

One is labeled Oranges.

And another box is labeled Mixed.

Each box is labeled incorrectly. You can choose one fruit from one box “only.” Which do you choose?

How can you label the boxes correctly?

Riddle Two – Let them eat cake!

There are two people and both want a piece of the cake.

They do not trust each other. Only one person can cut the cake.

How do you solve the problem?

Riddle Three – Oven Switches

Switches, Switches, Switches




There are three ovens, three switches and only one person.

The ovens are far away from the switches. Condition.

The person can only go to the switches once.

How can the person know which switch is connected to which oven?

Riddle Four – To tell the truth


The Door Quiz: You are trapped in a room with two doors and must go through one door.

One door takes you to Hollywood, the other door, takes you to prison. There are two Security Guards each guarding one door. You can ask one Security Guard one question only.

One Guard tells the Truth, the other is a Liar.

And you do not know who is telling the truth.

What is the question you ask one of the Guards to go to Hollywood?



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