English Training: Daily Routines

Wake up at six-fifteen in the morning.

Have Breakfast Have a shower / Take a shower

Brush my teeth

Get dressed Go to work – Take the bus

Work Have lunch

Daydream Read my life story

Meet a friend Play a song

Relax. Watch TV. Confront my maker.



Daily routine

I wake up at 6 15 a.m. every morning.

I get up.

I have breakfast.

I brush my teeth.

I have a shower.

I get dressed.

I go to work. I take the bus/train. (I take my car. I take my scooter)

I get to work.

I clock in at work.

I start work.

I have lunch.

I finish work.

I clock out at work.

I go home.

I get home.

I meet a friend.

I have dinner.

I watch TV and relax.

I go to bed.

How to change your routine?

Try doing a Why analysis. Example.

Why do I wake up at six o’clock every morning?

I want to have more time to be productive.

Why do I want to be productive?

I want to write blogs.

Why do I want to write blogs?

I want to reach more people.

Why do I want to reach more people?

I want to increase my business.

Why do I want to increase my business?

I want to be more successful.

Why do I want to be successful?

I want to be happy.

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Written by

Vincent Towerpast

English Language Consultant for Business English courses and Journalist - Foreign Correspòndent