Seven Million Italians Have Tattoos: Where is the most painful spot to get one?

Like the seven hills of Rome, some seven million people in Italy have tattoos, according to a survey by the Higher Health Institute released this month.

This adds up to 12.8 percent of the population, the survey stated. According to the report, tattoos are more popular among women (13.8%) than men (11.7%).

Women prefer to ink up their body parts on their backs, feet and ankles while men favour arms, backs and legs.

The average age for a tattoo is 25.

The most represented age bracket is 35-44 with 23.9%.

But there are many 12-17-year-olds with tattoos too, 7.7%.

Approximately 60 percent of tattoo holders know about the health risks to getting a tattoo.

What are the health risks?

Skin infection and/or tuberculosis.

Where does it hurt the most?


Here is a video on how you should never get a tattoo.



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