English Training: Step one in communication.


Questions and imperatives:

Who are you? What is your name? Identify. Show me your I.D.

English Training: Step two in communication

Master the questions

Game: Guess Who?

Is it a man or a woman? She is a woman.

Does she have glasses? No, she does not.

Does she have blonde hair? No, she does not.

Does she have a hat? Yes, she does.

Who is it?


Computers – Log on – Username and Password

English Training; Step three – What is your I.Q.?

Apart from it being the short form for intelligence quotient, which is the measure of a person’s reasoning ability, in communication the I.Q. means —

I – stands for Identify

Q – Qualify, Qualify, Qualify

For example, my name is Vincent. I am from Toronto Canada. I have several university degrees and certificates and I have been a journalist and a language consultant for many years.

When a police officer approaches you in the USA, and ask you for identification, must you provide him/her with I.D.? Know when to identify yourself. In most cases, when an American officer approaches you for a street check, if you are an American citizen, you do not have to show the police your I.D. or answer any questions. But expect a confrontation, a heated exchange and threats of an arrest or worse.

In Italy, citizens do not have the same laws and freedoms Americans and Canadians enjoy.

Written by

Vincent Towerpast

English Language Consultant for Business English courses and Journalist - Foreign Correspòndent