The VALLEY – Ms. October, the calendar girl, has the only hard body in the Valley. She stars in an instructional workout DVD.

Work out - phrasal verb

“When I work out in the gym, I want to have fun,” she says. “Follow me and you too can get fit and get in shape.”

Her DVD has sold over a million copies the first weekend. Unfortunately, her DVD is rated X.

“It is for adults only,” she says.

In the DVD, we see her get dressed. Work out. And then we see her strip.

Ms. October likes her job. She also stars in the Television Game Show – ‘Hang Man.’

“I like playing with words,” she says. “But I don’t have a very big vocabulary.”

Game of Scrabble – similar to Hangman

Hang Man airs every night on the Fox Network at 7:00 pm.

Ms. October has also signed a new television contract making her a millionaire. Not bad for a woman who went from flipping hamburgers to flipping letters.

“I like television,” she says. “But in television you are limited. With my workout DVD, people can watch me take it all off,” she says with a smile.

Listen to the audio

Answer the questions

  1. Where does Ms. October come from?
  2. Where does she live?
  3. What does she do?
  4. Does she speak English?
  5. Does she speak German?
  6. Does she like television?
  7. Do you like television?
  8. What does work out mean?
  9. Do you work out?
  10. Are you in shape?
  11. Would you like to get fit?

Written by

Vincent Towerpast

English Language Consultant for Business English courses and Journalist - Foreign Correspòndent