Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is the book title that inspired the classic sci-fi – “Blade Runner.” In this futuristic techno-thriller, questions are posed as to what does it mean to be “human.”

Today, Artificial Intelligence is one step closer to the nightmare scenario many science fiction films and writers have warned us about and some have dreaded that machines are near the very scary possibility humans fear robots will master — “reproduction.”

According to the New York Times article on March 17, 2021, scientists have grown mice embryos in a mechanical womb.

Despite biologists maintaining the belief that a fetus needs a living uterus to develop, science has not upped the ante with experiments where embryos are now able to grow inside a mechanical uterus.

What is next?

The science behind Blade Runner’s Voight-Kampff test.

The fictional test designed to elicit an emotional response has some elements of truth. A person’s emotional response to a picture can be measured by the size or magnitude of the various responses you get. “Normal” people will have an enlarged pupil, experience increased sweating and heart rate with disturbing images.

Seattle, USA – Jun 4, 2020: Flowers at the Autonomous zone late in the day on Capitol Hill as a person passes with a sign.

The prosecution team in Minneapolis opened the George Floyd murder case started by showing the jury the full and uncut version of the video as he struggled with police officers crying out the infamous phrase- “I can’t breathe.”

Many jurors gasped, turned away, or bowed their heads in shame.

The defense lawyers for the police accused of the murder are playing the game of trying to convince jurors to believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear. Basically, the defense lawyers are arguing to not succumb to your senses and human emotions.

A guilty knowledge test

Empathy is a characteristic not generally carried out by a toaster. However, humanity also has its dark side and is filled with sick psycho and socio pathetic beings.

Even social media outlets are not without sin. When Facebook, Twitter and Google CEO’s testified for the House Energy and Commerce Committee regarding the spread of misinformation on their platforms, the blame game always shifted to someone else, namely the followers.

In summary, the human mind is strongly influenced by culture and in the new techno age of computers and mechatronics, echo chambers are formed. Social media in the end is much ado about “narcissism.”

Top Empathy Test Questions

Do you sometimes park in handicapped spaces?

Do you make promises you cannot keep?

Do you prefer animals to humans?

Do you keep up with current trends and fashions?

Do you always sleep comfortably at night?

Does it not bother you that you are sometimes late in meetings for a friend?

Do you wear a COVID mask more to protect yourself rather than others?

Do you watch porn?

Do you find it difficult to put yourself in someone else’s shoes?

Do you ever refuse to invite your neighbours over for dinner?

Do you ever not give to the poor?

Does seeing people cry not upset you?

Do you ever ask others to work for you for free?

Do you neglect to visit and care for your family?

Do you believe there is no God?

Answer ‘yes’ to any one of these questions and you are well on your way to being a robot.

Take the full test and check your score.

Blade Runner Opening Scene – Voight-Kampff Test

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