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English Training: Daily Routines

English Training: Daily Routines Wake up at six-fifteen in the morning. Have Breakfast Have a shower / Take a shower Brush my teeth Get dressed Go to work – Take the bus Work Have lunch Daydream Read my life story Meet a friend Play a …


Corsi inglese – Climate Change

  Corsi inglese – Climate change –  610 MEPs voted in favour of the EU ratifying the UN agreement on climate protection struck in Paris 9 months ago© European Union 2016 -EP The UNFCCC Paris Agreement on fighting climate change, the first-ever universal, legally binding …


Corso inglese – Business Negotiations

Business Negotiations I remember a business certificate course I attended in Canada and one of the business workshops focused on business negotiations. Part of the game was to learn how to Haggle. What is haggle? ˈhaɡ(ə)l/ verb to dispute or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of …


Come se scrive un email in inglese?

Come se scrive un email in inglese? Chi è Vincent C. Torrieri?   Background professionale: Ampia conoscenza e esperienza per quanto riguarda ricercare e riportare notizie di cronaca, svolgimento di indagini giornalistiche, scrivere articoli, redazione, intervistare, curare soggetti e sceneggiature per programmi televisivi, per emittenti …