The Business of English graphs and trends

sales rose steadily

a marked increase

levelled off

reached their peak

a sudden drop

a significant increase

a sharp increase

bottomed out = reach their lowest levels

Noun Verb
an increase to increase
a rise to rise
climb to climb
improvement to improve
upturn xxx

decrease to decrease
a fall to fall
a decline to decline
a worsening to worsen
a downturn xx

There was an improvement in the figures for April. (Past Simple)

The figures for April have improved. (Present Perfect)

There has been a decline in sales since June. (Present Perfect)

Sales since June have declined. (Present Perfect)

Sales declined in June. (Past Simple)

big small fast slow

Adjectives Adverbs
before nouns after verbs

big (a lot)
significant significantly

massive massively

substantial substantially

small (a bit, a little)
slight slightly
insignificant insignificantly

fast quickly
sharp sharply
dramatic dramatically
sudden suddenly

slow slowly
steady steadily
moderate moderately

There was a dramatic increase in sales.
Sales rose dramatically.

There was a steady rise in sales.
Sales rose steadily.

There was a significant fall in sales.
Sales fell significantly.

There was a slight recovery in sales.
Sales recovered slightly.

due to
The drop in sales is due to an interest rate rise.

a consequence of
The drop in sales is a consequence of an interest rate rise.

because of
The drop in sales is because of an interest rate rise.

a result of
The drop in sales is a result of an interest rate rise

bottomed out = reach their lowest level

experienced a sharp increase

a pronounced drop

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Vincent Towerpast

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